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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 26, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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thick black smoke from a six alarm fire in fairfield is dissipating at this hour as we learn more about the cause of that fire and it's impact. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.
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we have team coverage tonight on the fire and its impact on the community including a shelter in place order that lasted for five hours. we begin with ktvu's jana katsuyama who's live at the plastics yard where the fire raged all afternoon, jana. >> reporter: and frank we pulled up right to this yellow line so we can show you what's going on right now. there is a fire ladder truck that's back there. that's because in the last few hours there was another flair up. they've been having these periodically. we understand there's an island of unburned bins. we understand that they are going in with a forklift to try to break those bins apart. it appears to have been employees who were working in the area. the smoke rose in a black
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column that could be seen from fairfield to sacramento. huge stacks of agriculture bins had caught fire outside the macro plastic plant. >> it does appear we had employees working with an open flame object, whether that be a blow torch. >> it's a hydrocarbon based material. it's the same official as if you were seeing a tire fire. very thick black smoke. >> reporter: fire companies from all districts were called in. hazmat crews also responded from travis air force base. the crews managed to contain the flames and say low winds
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kept the fire from spreading to the main building. about 44 employees were at the plant today. >> we're just very thankful that all of the employees evacuated safely and we didn't have any injuries. >> reporter: tonight i have learned there were three firefighters who had minor injuries but they were not taken to the hospital they were treated here at the scene. you can see that truck still here. the fire crews tell us they plan to be here through the night in case there's more flair ups. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. macro plastics bills it's as the largest plastic manufacturer. the company says it's pref era ted plastic bins are used to
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collect grapes and other agriculture crops. firefighters issued a shelter-in-place. we showed you the fine particulate matter. today ktvu's ken wayne spoke with officials and residents about the possible health issues and he joins us now from a fairfield neighborhood near the plant, ken. >> reporter: julie, that voluntary shelter in place was lifted just after 6:00 tonight. but there were some anxious moments in this neighborhood which is located just a few hundred yards from the scene of the fire. clouds of smoke continued to lift off this intersection just before sunset. some of the young people who ventured inside chose to wear masks to protect themselves. solano health officials say they had no reports of smoke
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related injuries but advised people to stay indoors if they saw smoke. >> the main hazard presented by that as a result of the smoke is more of an immediate irritation to the eye, the nose, you know throat respiratory passages. >> reporter: tina ramos was working at travis air force base. she kept an eye on news reports and kept as eye as the cloud was over her neighborhood. >> he just keeps wanting to go outside and play already but because of the smoke and everything that it might not be safe to be inhaling whatever is outside. so just trying to keep everybody inside. >> reporter: the smoke drifted far beyond fair field. we saw a haze drifting to sacramento. the view was also obscured by
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the smoke. personnel went into the burning storage yard to collect air samples. >> they're taking that out to the lab for analysis. once that data has been analyzed they will release that information. >> pieces of it hit you kind of put a little burn on you. >> reporter: this man had little black flecks on his white t-shirt. some standing near the fire said they saw debris fall ing from the sky. but considering the amount of debris and the area it covered, it's rather remarkable there were no injuries. ken wayne, ktvu news. some of the first news cam from ktvu john sasaki he happened to be near by when the fire started. john says he could feel the heat at the time. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll be monitoring the clean up effort and follow up with health officials. if you go to you will
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find unedited video and a slide show of images. 14 postoffices are on a hit list and face closures as the postoffice looks on cuts costs. the postoffice has released a list of postoffices it wants to shutdown. the reason is, those postoffices don't do a lot of business. customers say if those offices are closed, they're going to miss the routine of going to their local postoffice. >> it's convenient, you can get off the bus if you want to get off the bus, you can take the t train there or right there. >> reporter: the postal service is on track to lose $8 billion this year. a spokesman tells us no decisions will be made until december at the earliest. for a list of the bay area postoffices that could be closed you can go to and look for the right now
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section which is in the middle of home page. a uc berkeley law professor is in the running to become the next u.s. supreme court justice. governor brown named goodwin liu to the position. at a news conference in san francisco today, governor brown said that's what caught his attention. >> i noticed that he was getting trouble getting confirmed in the congress, and because of that process, his strengths he came to my attention. i picked up the telephone and said i would like to talk to you. >> reporter: liu would replace carlos moreno. a deadly crash involving a
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big rig snarled the evening commute along highway 72 in silican valley. lloyd lacuesta is where the truck burst into flames. >> reporter: as you can see blind -- behind me. traffic is running smooth. for nearly four hours this heavily traveled south bay freeway was at a standstill. about 4:15, a big rig truck crashed into the center divide near matilda avenue and burst into flames. one man says the accident happened near his workplace. >> i walked out into the parking lot and i yelled back inside and a couple of guys came out and we saw the smoke on the top of the billing. >> reporter: the truck was so badly burned, the chp could not determine the section of the driver. >> the driver lost control for some reason, collided with the center guardrail and rolled over, trapping the driver and then the cab of the truck
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caught on fire. >> reporter: the freeway was shutdown in both directions. even when one lane was open in the westbound direction you could walk faster than the slow moving cars. >> pretty frustrating. i saw a lot of people throwing their hands up. a lot of people getting aggravated trying to figure out what's going on. >> reporter: this happened during the height of the commute. >> i was just doing a routine trip from one office to another from los altos to sunny vale and it should have taken 15 minutes or so, the next thing i was in gridlock. >> the clean up took time because the truckload was dirt and gravel. and it all had to be swept off the freeway. investigators looking to reports that the truck may have blew a tire. the name of the truck driver and the trucking company have yet to be released. live in sunny vale, lloyd lacuesta. a search is on tonight for some valuable baseball
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memorabilia signed by san francisco giant willie mccubbie. police released the photo of this man who they believe stoled the car with the items inside. the car was parked at a mcdonalds yesterday morning. it's a hyundai sonata with california license plate 6scc487. the driver said he mistakingly left the keys in the ignition. inside that car was bats and balls as well as a jerry photographed by number 44 willie mccubbie. tomorrow marks two months since 26-year-old michelle le disappeared. to commemorate, family and friends plan to hold a memorial. it's happening at 6:00 tomorrow night at the corner of west tennison road and hesterian boulevard. fog is moving into the bay area right now. i'm back here in less than 10 minutes, i'll show you how far that fog will get inland
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tonight and how those high temperatures will feel tomorrow. police spent hours dressed in camouflage to search for suspects who shot at an officer. we'll
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an up update now to a story that was breaking news.
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authorities have suspended the search for a person or persons who opened fire on a regional police officer. amber lee tells us when they might resume the search. >> reporter: today police deployed a special tactical unit and went through these gates to conduct a search. as s.w.a.t. vehicle carrying 10 law enforcement officers from east bay regional park police an alameda county office moved into the area around 9:00 this morning. dressed in camouflage uniforms, they moved with military precision. >> they're very slow and methodical on how they do their job because the goal is everybody goes in and everybody comes out safely. >> reporter: they conducted a search over 20 acres. while a helicopter flew over head. they are looking for two people
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who shot at an officer last night and searched for a marijuana grove. police did not find what they were looking for. at 3:00 this afternoon, police reopened the trail. >> what's your reaction? >> scary. >> reporter: would you use the park right now? >> yeah, i would use the park. >> reporter: this area is popular with people who walk their dogs, they returned this afternoon. >> we just have to have your eyes open. >> i went this way. >> reporter: we spoke to this man after he went jogging this evening along the trail where police conducted their search. >> i don't like to live my life in fear. i don't feel this person is out there to shoot at hikers or runners. >> just because you live in moraga does not mean you're immune to reality. >> reporter: they will use the
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photos they took. they are confident that where they are searching they will find a marijuana grow. we're getting the first look at a police raid of an illegal marijuana farm at another east bay park. officers from the east bay regional parks police department removed 3,300 plants on july 13th outside of san ramon. the department sent out these photos today of that raid. officers riched out an extensive irrigation system. the department estimates the plants have a street value of a million dollars. a new budget is in place tonight for san francisco, mayor ed lee tonight signed the next year's budget. the $6.83 billion budget went through $20 million in adjustments before being passed. it includes cuts to city departments but also includes funding for the police department. mayor ed lee hinted that he is
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now readty to run for mayor. the so called brooklyn basin near fifth street is one of six east bay sites under consideration by the law. tomorrow night lab representatives will issue recommendationings. it's expected the lab will decide on a site by the end of november. >> new information republican leaders in the house tonight postponed tomorrow's scheduled vote on their debt ceiling plan because their plan didn't cut as much money as advertised. this comes amidst new report tonight that indicates the government does have enough money to keep paying its bills until august 10th. rita williams tells us lawmakers are getting swamped with angry messages from all across the country. >> reporter: from coast to coast today voters gave congress an ear full. >> there's always compromise, these idiots won't compromise at all. all they want is their way.
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>> okay, thank you. >> reporter: so many angry callers phone or e-mail congressional offices. >> people want things done. they don't want gridlock they want things done. >> reporter: that by this afternoon it was eeriely quiet. switchboards and e-mails flooded, lawmakers got the message that people want solutions. >> social security is our life. we will not give up this fight. >> reporter: these san francisco demonstrators don't want cuts to social security or medicare -- >> they say cut those back, i don't know what i'm going to do. it's literally a matter of life or death for me. >> reporter: but others say the country is heading for a european style government with more people getting benefits than paying taxes. >> today 51% of working
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americans have no federal income tax liability. today 70% of americans take more out of the tax system than they take in. >> reporter: so it's more taxes or more cuts. >> we have to wrestle this out and we will. we'll get it done. >> reporter: meanwhile the debt is rising, the clock is ticking. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. stocks were down slightly as the stalemate in washington dragged on another day. the dow fell 92 points to close at 12,501. the nasdaq was down almost three points. disappointing earnings, u.s. steel and 3m didn't help. apple is celebrating a good day on wall street. sales crossed $400 for the first time today. and the numbers held closing at $403.33. apple stocks have risen steadily since the company announced strong earnings last week. clorox has rejected a
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billionaire investors take over of $80 per share. icon who is clorox's largest shareholder already upped his bid from $76.50 a share. a little bit warmer out there today. these were the highs located in many bay area cities. 83 in santa rosa. tomorrow's highs will be warmer than these. the changes are just going to be incremental. a couple of degrees warmer, a couple of degrees the next day. that fog will make its way into the bay tonight and you will wake up tomorrow morning with patchy fog. certainly up to the east bay hills, i suspect out toward moraga and east bay hill. very little fog out out toward concord. but you wake up tomorrow, temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler. when you get going the fog at
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about 6:00, 7:00, there's the fog foot fingerprint. when i come back we're going to take a look at the forecast high for a city you live and a forecast high that includes a pretty sizable warm up. the fish and game department in alaska says it is not sending its rangers after that grizzly bear that mauled seven teenagers. authorities in alaska said they are going to spare that grizzly bear because the attack happened in a remote wilderness area and because the bear was likely protecting a cub. back in business, the activity our cameras caught today at 49ers headquarters. plus what ending the lock out means for the santa clara
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the oakland raiders and the san francisco 49ers got back to business today now that the nfl lockout is over. joe fonzi tells us what happened on day one. >> let me in. >> reporter: for the first time in months, staff inside could respond to that request. >> we got a deal done, happy the way everything went. now let's get to play football. >> being able to finally get with the coaches and meet with them and start working toward our season and getting ready is very exciting. >> reporter: second round draft pick collin kapernick might have more to learn than anything else in camp this summer. he is one of the quarterbacks that will be able to get up to
11:55 pm
speed in harbaugh west coast -- >> i think it'll allow the players to be a little more fresh and allow us to be more rested during the season. i'm glad they took that out of there. >> reporter: one other immediate offshoot of the new agreement is that with a 10 year deal now in place, the people who work in the business side of the 49ers can now set their sights on financing their new stadium. in santa clara, joe fonzi. ktvu channel 2 news. opponents of a new law mandating the california rules teach contributes of gays and
11:56 pm
lesbians are looking to take the bill into court. opponents of the bill describe themselves as coalition of profamily groups and today they got the green light from the secretary of state to gather petitions to put a referendum on the ballot aimed at rescinding that law. the attorney for the man suspected of carrying out last week's twin attacks in norway is suggesting his client may be insane. anders brevick's attorney says that his client was high on drugs. there is no evidence to suggest that brevick had any accomplices. president obama and the
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new at 10:00, shelters criminals that was the charge tonight about a problematic bus stop in livermore. heather holmes was in a meeting where a possible solution was discussed. >> reporter: julie, transit officials want to replace the current shelter at turkin with a newer one. it's got better lighting, it's more open and it's also less
12:00 am
comfortable for criminals. residents and nummi riders complain that this bus stop is an attraction for crime. the three sided shelters provides just enough cover for criminals. to carry out their illegal activity. see from a neighborhood park and see from margerie's front door. >> i don't use that bus stop because of all the crime going on. >> we think it's better use by customers and actually deters a lot of activity. >> reporter: police support the change. >> it certainly gives our officers more visibility as their driving up the street, walking up the street. >> reporter: but skepticism that changing the
12:01 am
shelter won't change anything. >> it's incomprehensible that you think you need to get rid of that shelter. >> reporter: with the show of hands, it seemed everybody agreed they want the shelter gone. >> we are looking at moving the shelter. >> reporter: but transit officials say eliminating the shelter there in the tenderloin would negatively impact senior and disabled riders. they really believe this is a good first step. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes. only on two tonight, san francisco police are investigating what they believe was a hate crime attack that happened at the city's gay pride festival. this is cell phone video taken on june 26. the video shows a naked man being pushed. then watch what happens, he is punched by another man. they are looking at the crime as a sex crime because of the
12:02 am
sexual orientation of the victim. today ktvu talked to that man, but plus requested that we not show his face or name. >> i was using the porta john and somebody was tipping it over. that's when i came out and said what are you doing, what's going on. >> reporter: that's when the man was punched. police have released the photo of the man they believe through the first punch. police are asking for anyone who may know any information about the crime to call them. that three person unit will focus on drug dealing and neighborhood blithe in north vallejo. embattled david wu
12:03 am
announced today he will resign once the debt limit is resolved. a newspaper ran a story of a woman. she is not pressing charges. it appears schwarzenegger has changed his mind now in his divorce proceedings. the former governor has taken back a request to not give her spousal support. this comes as their 13-year-old son is recovering from a boogie
12:04 am
board accident. he suffered a collapsed lung and broken bones from an accident earlier this month. the future of many adult day health care centers is uncertain after their funding was slashed in the state budget. ktvu's ken pritchett talked to the operators of an east bay facility who say they may be forced to shut down. >> reporter: physical therapy, medical care -- >> ♪ happy worry too ♪ >> reporter: and mental stimulation. these are just some of the services provided. funding was eliminate in the state budget. >> as an agency i don't know how i'm going to keep all three of my centers open. i know one of them is going to close. >> reporter: executive director michelle pope says medi-cal provided services to care for her clients. alzheimer's patients many of whom can't care for themselves. she says without adult day care some are nursing home bound. >> i know it's going to cost
12:05 am
the state more money. because many of our clients are saying, we'll just take mom to the emergency room. >> california doesn't have enough money to do what it's done. >> reporter: governor brown says cutting adult day care will save money and recipients will be moved to other programs. >> everyone will be taken care of, that is our commitment. >> reporter: but pope and other adult day care advocates say the state's plan is not thought out. that other adult day care is hard to find. there's a battle in court right now to reverse the state's elimination of the program. in berkeley, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. papayas are being pulled from shelves all across the country due to a salmonella outbreak. health officials say the cases
12:06 am
have been reported in 23 different states including california. the papayas are sold under th
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developing news at this hour from east oakland. we're bringing you a live picture. the officers brought two armoured vehicles with them. we asked oakland police what's going on. they tell us they are assisting fremont authorities and serving a search warrant in a home in this neighborhood. it is unclear who or what they are looking for. but they do have a lot of fire power with them. the fate of a santa clara police officer charged with conspiracy is in the hands of a jury tonight. deliberations began in san jose today in the trial of clay ro rojas. he's accused of providing information to the hell's angels to pay back a debt. he served with the santa clara police department for five years before he was arrested. the man who produced the bay area's 2009 exotic errotic
12:10 am
ball is faces charges. he is now facing charges of grand theft. he is due in court next month. california fish and game officials say a mountain lion may be to blame for killing several sheep and goats near half-moon bay. the animals were all found dead today near parisma creek road. police examined the caucuses and said it appears the animals were killed by a mountain lion. in news of the world tonight, in libya a u.n. fact finding mission says people living in areas under gadhafi's control are suffering severe shortages of fuel, cash and food and the system is near a breaking point. the crisis is so severe, fuel supplies could run out in two weeks. a nato spokeswoman says the bombing in libya will continue
12:11 am
as long as needed. in mexico, a 14-year-old boy, an american citizen was sentenced to three years in jail in a juvenile prison for murder, kidnapping and trafficking cocaine. he admitted to killing seven people. when he was captured last year the teen told investigators he was kidnapped by the cartel when he was 11 years old. in london, several hundred family members of amy winehouse gathered for a memorial. a ticket with a pop of a flash. a major california city says drivers can ignore those tickets. bill mar
12:12 am
12:13 am
12:14 am
red light runners caught on camera in los angeles are being told to throw out their tickets. even though the same cameras are used in one bay area city, residents there still have to pay up. >> reporter: with a flash an a click of the camera, south san francisco will collect $460. the red light cameras work here says chief mahoney. >> i think they improve savety over safety in the city. >> reporter: los angeles uses the same company and officials are now telling red light runners to ignore the ticket s if they receive one. that's because judges in l.a. don't enforce the fines.
12:15 am
but south san francisco police review evidence from the cameras and turn it over to the courts. >> the fines go directly to the courts. the courts handle all the fines and we're reimbursed, we get a portion of every citation written through the courts. >> reporter: the clusters of red light cameras keep a steady eye. drivers have strong opinions about the cameras. >> the last issue was they were giving people their money back who had already paid them because there was a glitch in the system so i don't know. they need to get rid of them. >> reporter: other drivers admit they make people slow down and make drivers safer. >> i think they should stay. i think it's doing their job. it's just that you have to be more alert. >> reporter: south san francisco's contract runs for a little more than two years. when that contract expires he the chief will recommend renewing it. bmw workers protested a
12:16 am
massive lay off by the car maker. bmw planned to lay off 70 union employees by the end of next month their jobs will be terminated and the work outsourced. almost half of the workers are over 50 years old and many have been with the company for 20 years or more. the san bruno pipeline explosion has taken a toll on the agency. the agency sited a drop in customer confidence after last december's disaster. pg & e still has an a minus investment rating but a negative outlook mean that is rating is likely to be downgraded sometime in the
12:17 am
future. a settlement over air quality will cost tesoro martinez a big fine. they include failure to repair leaking equipment. an update tonight about a story we first told you last night on the 10:00 news. efforts today to get a female gray whale out of the river failed. they played alarm sounds and whale noises in hopes that it will move into the ocean. the whale has been swimming in the river now for up to 21 days. the heat took a toll on firefighters fighting a fire. calfire says crews now have the eagle fire 45% contained. the fire has burned more than 13,000 acres near warner springs since it started on
12:18 am
sunday. the fog is coming right back up the coast tonight. we had a few breaks on the coast but not a heck of a lot. not as much as yesterday. inland extent tomorrow will push it inland. it's not here yet but i expect we will see fog to that set of lines there. we will see poll into lafayette over to walnut creek and up toward the napa valley -- we will see fog into lafayette. we're slowly warming up. these are subtle changes there's no extremes. really that's kind of been the summer. we haven't had these real hot hot weekend, these hot days or cold days, it's sort of been flat lining and that's the way it is tomorrow. tomorrow morning when you wake up we have fog in your neighborhood. it burns back like it did today. by lunchtime we're mostly sunny expect at the coast. but it's going to be mostly foggy coast side for much of the day. then the evening, guess what
12:19 am
the fog comes right back. so really just subtle changes. so the next few days we will call it a warming trend but it'll be a very slow warming trend. not record 90s, tomorrow's highs they get up into contra costa county. tomorrow mid-80s and upper 80s. i suspect mostly mid- and upper 80s. tomorrow a lot like today slightly warmer. that's just how it goes. what do we get with that? we get good air quality and lower fire danger. it's really kind of nice weather. it's not bad it's just a little cooler than i would expect for this time of year. as we go into the next few days, we're going to see some low 90s. temperatures are going to heat up as it moves this place. we move into your bay area wednesday feeling a lot like it felt on tuesday and on monday. temperatures will increase. you're going to see it in the
12:20 am
five day forecast but very gradual. no big jumps. 90 in antioch tomorrow. these temperatures are certainly not a big bump from what we saw today are they? maybe a degree or two warmer and that's how it'll go again on thursday and again on friday. 88 at morgan hill, 87 in gilroy. fire danger still stays on the mild side, it can be extreme this time of year and it is not so there's the upshot. like i said we haven't been talking spare the air days and that's a really, really nice bay area weather. that's how it goes. a little warmer for the bay area weekend. >> sounds good, thank you bill. californians are one step closer to paying a tax when they shop online. it requires online retailers to collect sales tax on purchases made by californians. some state officials want to suspend the law while opponents try to get a ref referendum on
12:21 am
the ballot. the world's largest retailer is getting into the movie business. today wal-mart started streaming movies online. people can either rent or purchase movies from wal- wal-mart's third venture into the movie realm comes two weeks after net flick announced it's price hike. fewer fries and a side of apple slices that's what mcdonalds is planning to put in its new reconfiguration of its happy meals. now consumers can choose apple instead of fries. they also plan [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs.
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members of the oakland a's made patients real happy today at children's hospital oakland. they signed photographs and talked with cancer patients there. the program awarded a $25,000 grant to accomplish a support group for teenagers with
12:25 am
cancer. >> great guy. >> you were telling us has major degrees in all kind of thins. great guy, doing fine things. and a great night for the giants and barry zito. you watched the giants circle the bases. what do you do with him now? asked to start a day ahead of schedule because tim lincecum has the flu. zito not up to task. they come unglued for four runs. big blow, raul ibanez three run shot. 4-1 phillies after one. and chase utley, the inside the park homer shot to center ricochets away from troy. utley is thinking home run and he is not to be denied. the replay showed he was safe at the plate with a head first dive and two other homers from the phillies and the rookie
12:26 am
vance wurley a complete game. three hitters, he had help. that man ibanez again in left field with a beautiful catch in left to help make it a 7-2 philly final. you think back to spring training, nobody picked the a's to sleepwalk through this entire season. and we're starting to see some signs of life. they are really a lot better than they've shown. which means nothing. one of the big reasons for a little turn around this guy matsui is begining to hit the ball. shot to straight right. he has himself a rbi double and the a's are leading 3-0 over the rays. cliff pentington another guy starting to swing it. he was 3-3 a shot to left center. he has himself a double and the a's up it to 4-0. mcduffey cruising along and adding to the offensive outburst. curt susuki going right with it
12:27 am
into center right field. it's contagious as they always say. the hitting continues. mccarthy eight strong for the victory. it's on now, full scale, sanction nfl practices. raiders tomorrow up in napa, free agent signings a plenty and as expected, alex smith has reuped with the niners. the drudgery of all that preseason stuff. >> it's been very independent. it's just been the players and that's it. so getting to meet with the coaches is very excited. >> reporter: all right, takeo
12:28 am
spikes leaves the 49ers for the chargers. that's kind of a big deal. lots of free agent stuff coming up. that's the sporting life. >> all right, mark thank you. and be sure [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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